AGR Recovery Specialists is dedicated to revolutionizing the repossession industry from initial contact  throughout the recovery process. We take pride in recovering your collateral safely and effectively. Our goal is secure your collateral timely and accurately without complications. Our employees are thoroughly trained in the legalities of repossession and licensed Recovery Agents by the State of Florida.  

AGR Recovery Specialists utilizes the latest technology to recover your collateral and bring your account to a positive resolution. This includes the DRN License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera system and database. The vehicles in our fleet have been outfitted with cameras that scan license plates on a daily basis. We scan thousands of plates per day allowing us to locate collateral faster and more efficiently than ever before. Collateral recovery is a very serious business, and AGR Recovery Specialists treats it as such. Having collateral repossessed is the most invasive type of collection procedure allowed by law. Because of this we use the knowledge and expertise we have gained over the years in additional to the continuous training provided to handle each case as professionally, efficiently, and risk-free as possible.  

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Licensed and Insured